Custody! When you repair a caravan or motorhome,

then it is possible that the customer does not collect the caravan the same day, but the caravan will remain parked for a few more days.

During that period, you may be liable for any damage to the caravan, which was the case in a recent court ruling. (pronunciation) look here for info.

What was going on?

The customer has parked his caravan on the caravan dealer's premises, because there were problems with his caravan. When the mechanic wanted to repair the caravan, it was found that there was damage to the caravan. There was a long cheese dent in the side wall and a window was damaged.

The customer has held the caravan dealer liable, but the caravan dealer has rejected liability for that damage.

Judge judge.

custody. The assessment framework is whether the caravan dealer is satisfied with the care of a good custodian during storage. The concrete elaboration of this duty of care is determined by the circumstances of the case. Every workshop movement took place along the spot where the caravan stood. It was therefore foreseeable for the caravan dealer that the caravan ran the risk of being hit by, for example, a passing vehicle at that location. The caravan dealer should have moved the caravan to a safer place.

The caravan dealer is therefore liable for the damage suffered.

Tip; As a caravan dealer, make sure that

If it can be demonstrated that you as a caravan dealer have complied with a sufficient duty of care – by taking all measures that may reasonably be required of you – then it will be more difficult for you to be held liable for damage to the caravan during storage. For example, make sure that the caravan that is offered for repair is in a safe place, so that visitors or suppliers cannot come near the caravan in question.

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