As a caravan dealer, you undoubtedly have to deal with unpaid invoices from your customers.


What about Legal? For example, customers who do not pay you for repair work on their caravan or motorhome that you have carried out!  

 Unfortunately, it happens more often than desired:

Fortunately, it is regulated by law that your customers must pay for services rendered, but if this does not happen, it is wiser to outsource your claim(s).

 mr. Lucien Ridderbroek from e-Legal debt collection lawyers explains what to think about.

Our advice; First of all send a payment reminder and/or demand in your own name. It is more friendly to do these kinds of letters on your own letterhead than directly on the letterhead of a debt collection lawyer.

After all, it can honestly be the case that a payment has accidentally ended up in the proverbial pile and that people have forgotten to pay.”

But if payment(s) are still not forthcoming after repeated requests, it is still wiser to hand over a claim. Certainly if the feeling prevails that 'something is not right', it is good not to wait too long before taking action.

E-Legal debt collection lawyers are specialized in this matter and have a very high success rate of 93%. When we call a customer, we specifically ask about certain matters. In such a conversation we signal the so-called red flags, often far before a customer sees it for themselves. Thanks to our specialization in debt collection law, we know whether immediate action is needed if we pick up signals of, for example, an impending bankruptcy.”

No cure no pay 

“Our office works on the basis of no cure no pay,” concludes Ridderbroek. This means that we are only paid when the claim has been successfully collected. This keeps us sharp as a team and ensures maximum effort on our part!

Even to court

As soon as you outsource a collection, e-Legal will get to work for you. The advantage of debt collection lawyers is that they can exert much more pressure. In the Netherlands, for example, there is an essential difference between a debt collection lawyer and a debt collection agency: the former can litigate in all cases, have a prejudgment attached and possibly file a bankruptcy petition. A collection agency cannot do this and will mainly help you with the first steps in the process, namely demanding payment out of court. When it becomes more complex or you have a claim of more than 25,000 euros, you almost always need a lawyer to prove your case in court.

Would you like more information about the legal situation? or if you have a case in which a debtor does not pay, you can visit the website of e-Legal collection lawyers, where you can also immediately submit a collection. If you do this on working days before 4 p.m., we will summon your defaulter to pay that same day.

E-Legal debt collection lawyers

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