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Are you looking for a professional repair company for caravan repairs? Before you go on holiday do you want to look at that dent? Or maybe you had a huge hagelbui at the campsite. There are many reasons why you can damage your caravan. For a quick and professional repair you must be at CaravanRepair. Our specialists have years of experience with caravan repairs. We don’t just let anyone repair the caravan. Each of our professionals has a good education. We take care of this training in Dronten.

Specialist repair company Caravan

Our Caravan repair company repairs the damage by means of a patented caravan repair system. If you have one or more dents in the caravan, it is not always necessary to replace the entire side wall. With our sophisticated repair system, the damage is repaired in a specialist way. How do we proceed? First we copy the profile of the profiled side wall of the caravan. For this we use a high-tech repair method. The mould, which we obtain, we place over the damaged part of the caravan wall. We then inject an ALU filler that has been specially developed for our repair method. This filler must harden and then the repair has already been completed. Your caravan wall looks like traditionally. The damage is totally invisible repaired. A big advantage is that your caravan is not reduced in value. Not even due to the damage sustained.

Our Caravan repair company gives life-long warranty

Our repair company for caravan and Camper provides a professional and reliable repair. You will therefore receive a lifetime guarantee on the caravan repair carried out. The condition is, of course, that the repair of the caravan wall is carried out according to our Caravanrepair repair method. We also need to use original Caravanrepair products. If that Is okay, you can rely on the warranty for life-long. Are you looking for one of our dealers in the region? Please indicate your location on our website and you will immediately see the results. For a reliable and fast repair of your caravan you are at the best place at CaravanRepair.

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