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CaravanRepair dealer

Lifetime warranty on wall damage repairs

Do you have damage to a caravan or motorhome, dents and tears, scratches or hail damage or maybe even moisture damage? As a CaravanRepair specialist, we ensure that your caravan is returned to its optimum condition. At CaravanRepair you have come to the right place for a professional damage repair. and we take care of everything. CaravanRepair works with the proven caravan repair system to repair your caravan damage invisibly. Caravan technology is becoming more and more complex and complicated, and other and new techniques are also being used again and again in, for example, the bonding of caravan walls.

As a CaravanRepair dealer, we are a good partner for your caravan repairs.

CaravanRepair is part of the CaravanRepair Group, the largest European caravan damage chain of caravan damage repair shops in Europe and is now active in 8 countries. This network only works with professionals who ensure optimal quality and expertise, and provide excellent service and warranty on all their repairs. All mechanics are certified annually, only after obtaining their annual certificate they start repairing your caravan.Click here for more info.

Degrees in training CaravanRepair training courses

Our CaravanRepair training courses are courses for caravan wall repair from beginners to advanced and professionals who want to further their knowledge. First of all, we have basic caravan wall repair training. This is suitable for anyone who wants to deal with caravan repairs. People who want to update, update and refresh their knowledge and skills are also eligible for this training. Some experience is required for the advanced caravan wall repair training. Finally, we have the training caravan wall repair mini structure. This is suitable for mechanics who already have several years of experience in repairing caravan walls. Because special techniques and products are used during this training, a certain level is required. Would you like more information about the costs? Look at the table on our website. You can also always contact us for questions. Click here for more information!

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