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CaravanRepair trainings

CaravanRepair trainings, training by very experienced trainers

Lifetime warranty on wall damage repairs

Repairing a caravan is something that involves quite a bit of work. At CaravanRepair you have come to the right place for professional CaravanRepair training courses for caravan repairs. You can contact us for all CaravanRepair training courses for a caravan technician. We have a training center where highly experienced trainers are on hand to help you become a caravan technician. we train mechanics in the repair of profiled caravan and motorhome walls. Caravan technology is becoming more and more complex and complicated, and other and new techniques are also being used again and again in, for example, the bonding of caravan walls. Placing and using other materials also sometimes makes it more complex.

A good caravan to caravan technician is a must for quality.

During the CaravanRepair training courses in Dronten, a lot of attention is paid to the repair of caravan walls. The proven caravan repair concept is central to this training. This system will soon hold no more secrets for the technicians. Of course, there is also a lot of attention for possible changes and improvements. Something is often adjusted when it comes to, for example, gluing the caravan walls. Our certified technicians will soon know all about this. Only after obtaining the certificate do they start repairing caravan walls.Click here for more info.

Degrees in training CaravanRepair training courses
Our CaravanRepair training courses are courses for caravan wall repair from beginners to advanced and professionals who want to further their knowledge. First of all, we have basic caravan wall repair training. This is suitable for anyone who wants to deal with caravan repairs. People who want to update, update and refresh their knowledge and skills are also eligible for this training. Some experience is required for the advanced caravan wall repair training. We also have CaravanRepair training courses for the mini-structure caravan wall repair training. This is suitable for mechanics who already have several years of experience in repairing caravan walls. Because special techniques and products are used during this training, a certain level is required. Would you like more information about the costs? Click here for information!

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