Have you ever thought of offering an extra service and becoming a Caravanrepair® dealer?

Due to the ever increasing damage reports, we are looking for a Caravanrepair® dealer for various regions.

We would like to get in touch with you, perhaps you can become one of our Caravanrepair® dealer/specialist in your region.

Vacancies for Germany.

CaravanRepair® currently still needs a few entrepreneurs/dealers for Germany, especially in the border area of Germany/Netherlands.
CaravanRepair® aims to further expand its network in this area.
The future entrepreneur/dealer is expected to be bilingual (German and Dutch).

Vacancies for Spain.

In Spain, the CaravanRepair® group is still looking for some master dealers. We would therefore like to get in touch with people or companies who are interested in our CaravanRepair® concept.

What do we offer our (dealers) entrepreneurs?Caravan with wall damage

  • Solid entrepreneurship in a sector that is constantly evolving.
  • You are part of a successful CaravanRepair® formula.
  • A comprehensive training plan is at your disposal.
  • CaravanRepair® has its own training center.
  • Local markets, rich in potential.
  • Professional business-to-business customers.
  • You can use the parts platform.
  • You can offer your own caravan and motorhome insurance.
  • Marketing support.
  • in short, a vacancy for you.

Who are we looking for?

An entrepreneur in heart and soul, at least 25 years old, who dreams of owning his own business. An entrepreneur who, despite a very high degree of independence, also wants to work in a team with fellow entrepreneurs. You are able to correctly implement the CaravanRepair® formula in a commercial, operational and financial sense and to manage your team with enthusiasm. Of course you are very customer- and service-oriented, you have the competences to successfully manage your own business and you feel at home in a technical environment, without having to be a technician yourself! If you have some equity capital to set up and expand this company, then this is a vacancy for you. Click here for more information!

Are you interested ?

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