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Repairing your Caravan Tear

Let CaravanRepair repair your caravan tear. Our method is perfectly suited for repairing cracks in your caravan or camper. Thanks to our concept, the damage burden is greatly reduced. Why replace the whole side wall if it is a crack or dent? You understand that a replacement of the wall is time-consuming. Of course, a whole new wall also entails extra costs. This is not the case with our method. Thanks to our recovery system you do not need a new wall. We can restore the tear invisible. We also give you a lifetime warranty after the repair. Take advantage of our expertise and experience. The tear is repaired by us quickly and well.

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To repair the caravan tear according to our efficient way you can call on one of our dealers. Many mechanics now have experience with this ingenious system. In the past, a small damage or tear had to replace the entire wall. Now you can contact many dealers for the Caravanrepair method. A Caravanrepair specialist near you can be found quickly and easily via the search function on our website.

How does caravan tear repair work?

We repair the tear in the caravan in a special way. Our mechanic starts by copying the profile of the caravan side wall where the tear is located. The mould he obtains, he places over the part of the wall where the tear is seated. He then uses a special filler. This has been explicitly developed for the method to repair caravan walls. The medicine has to harden and then you will see nothing more of the tear. Your caravan retains its value and you can safely travel to it again. Of course, this way of repairing costs much less money than replacing a full wall. Do you have a small or slightly larger tear in your caravan? Contact CaravanRepair soon. We provide a lifetime warranty on all caravan wall repairs.

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