Repairing Caravan Dents

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Repairing Caravan dents at CaravanRepair

To repair the caravan, you are at the right address for the skilled, certified and experienced mechanics of CaravanRepair. Why let the caravan dents sit if they can be removed relatively easily? Developments have certainly not stood still in this area. Years ago it was a whole operation if you wanted to have a dent repaired. Often the entire caravan wall had to be replaced. This was a pricey char and in addition there was always the risk of leakage afterwards. When the sealants did not happen very meticulously, a leak could occur. Nowadays it is no longer necessary in this way. Find one of our dealers in your area and they repair quickly and expertly the caravan dents.

We repair dents Caravan according to special concept

We can repair your caravan dents in an invisible way. After the repairs, you will not see anything back from the dents or scratches. A big advantage of this is that your caravan retains its value. How does this work? One of our mechanics first makes a kind of copy of the Caravan side wall. This allows us to obtain a mould that is placed on the spot where the dent is located. A special filler is then injected through the mould. After curing, the caravan again acquired the previously acquired structure. You will see that the damage is completely invisible repaired.

Direct Dents Caravan Repair

You are interested in this way of repairing the dents of the caravan? You can report the damage through our website. On the damage form, fill in the necessary information and the rest will be self-regulating. Are you curious how the repair now goes exactly in his work? Check out the informative video on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free. We are happy to assist you.

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