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Insuring your caravan or camper is a must.

Due to the changing climate with increasingly frequent violent storms and hailstorms, it has become almost unthinkable to insure your caravan or camper. Choose good insurance for your valuable possessions!

Insure your caravan easily and online!

  • Always professional and professional repair
  • New value guarantee or purchase value guarantee
  • insured in case of fire, lightning strike or spontaneous combustion
  • Attempted burglary or theft
  • Hail and or storm damage
  • With full hull insurance, no extra storage or storage
  • extra discount on hail and storm cover with hail-resistant roof
  • choice of limited shell or complete shell.

To ensure. Caravan insurance is not mandatory, but recommended.
Think of damage that can occur en route, for example because you end up in a hailstorm or due to a collision, burglary or a major storm. It is certainly advisable to insure your valuable possession.

New value guarantee.
You bought the caravan new, then you have no less than 8 years your caravan insured for a long time on the basis of new earth; Fully insured for 5 years (you are then entitled to a full payment of the purchase value). and then for another 3 years based on amortization of 1.5% per month. After that you will get back the daily value + 10% in case of total loss.

If you bought your caravan used, there is the purchase value guarantee.

Purchase value guarantee.
If you bought your caravan used, you can use the 3-year purchase value guarantee. you are then entitled to the purchase value in the event of total loss or theft in the first 3 years after purchase. You must be able to provide the purchase invoice as proof of purchase.

Would you like to store your caravan abroad without any restrictions? Now….. Possible!

*Full coverage is possible with us, even if your caravan is permanently stored abroad.

To ensure.
You must inform the CaravanRepair® Group before applying for your caravan insurance! (Permanent storage abroad must be stated on the policy).
Not covered: damage as a result of heavy snowfall and hail, unless you were actually using your caravan at the time of the damage.

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