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Training Center Dronten

Training Center Dronten

Lifetime warranty on wall damage repairs

Our training center Dronten is a professional training center where the training is at a high level. all courses are provided by highly experienced trainers, which guarantees. stands for thorough training. Our training center in Dronten is modern and we work with the very latest techniques. The high-tech wall repair system that the students work with is of very high quality and, together with thorough training, ensures unprecedented good results. In our Dronten training center, various training courses are given at various levels, with the end result being a professional caravan or motorhome (wall) damage repairer who can deliver perfect and completely invisible repairs. After the training, the students can therefore confidently give a lifelong guarantee on the repairs carried out on the caravan or motorhome. Click here for more information!

A thorough training for caravan wall repair?

You will find good training for caravan wall repair at our training center in Dronten. During our training courses for caravan damage repair in Dronten, a lot of attention is paid to practice. Our proven CaravanRepair concept is focused on practice and that is also central during the training. Our High-tech CaravanRepair system no longer holds any secrets for the students after the course. And ensures satisfied and professional results after the training.  Click here to return to the homepage.

Our training courses in caravan wall repair have different degrees.

Our caravan repair training for wall repair has different levels of training for beginners to advanced specialists, our Dronten training center is a must. There is also training for people who want to sharpen their knowledge and skills. However, the advanced caravan wall repair training requires some experience and level. Because special techniques and products are used during these courses, a certain level is required. Would you like more information about the costs? Look at the table on our website. You can also always contact us for questions. or click here for more information!



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