CaravanRepair® grants a lifetime warranty on all caravan repairs *GUARANTEE!


All our CaravanRepair® specialists are well-trained mechanics who are recertified annually. This makes them the designated caravan repairers to repair your caravan professionally and completely invisibly.

Lifetime warranty on wall damage repairsThe CaravanRepair® group works with a patented repair system that has been specially developed for this purpose. Why would you replace an entire side wall of a caravan/camper only because of a relatively small dent, tear or scratch?
That is both time consuming and also very expensive. In addition, repairing a caravan side wall provides additional benefits. Thanks to the sophisticated repair method, the caravan wall does not need to be replaced, which significantly reduces the risk of leaks.
A good repair of your caravan damage also ensures that the value of your valuable caravan property is preserved. On this sophisticated repair method, which is specially designed to repair profiled caravan walls, our specialists grant a lifetime warranty on the repairs they carry out.

And that gives a safe feeling!

CaravanRepair® is a concept to considerably limit the damage to profiled caravan/motorhome walls. The CaravanRepair® concept is a sophisticated caravan repair concept that is now active in 9 countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. This makes it the largest caravan damage chain of professional caravan damage repairers in Europe.

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*Warranty conditions.

The warranty conditions only apply if they have been carried out by authorized CaravanRepair dealers. In addition, they must be carried out by a CaravanRepair® dealer who has a valid CaravanRepair license, and all repairs must be carried out using the CaravanRepair® repair method. The repairs must be carried out with original CaravanRepair® products. The warranty applies to all caravan and/or camper wall repairs for both profiled and smooth caravan and camper wall plating (moisture damage is excluded). In addition, the warranty is not transferable. As a result, CaravanRepair® provides a lifetime warranty on the caravan and camper wall repairs it carries out on profiled or smooth caravan or camper walls. Click here for our method!



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