Camper in approaching storm with hail showers

Unique hail-resistant coating for camper and caravan roofs: No more hail or moisture damage. And problems with water leakage through the roof are a thing of the past.

Hail damage to your caravan or camper roof? Have your vehicle provided with a unique hail-resistant coating.

As a caravan or camper owner, you are probably familiar with the dangers of heavy hailstorms. You can already see the dark cloud cover approaching and hope that your camper or caravan will be spared from the hard hailstones that come down. Unfortunately, hail damage is becoming increasingly common and, with the highly variable climate, a common problem that many camper and caravan owners may have to deal with. Fortunately, there is a solution that can protect your caravan or camper roof against this form of damage. With the unique hail-resistant coating you no longer have to worry about leakage or dents caused by hailstones.

What makes this coating so special?

This unique hail-resistant coating is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy hailstorms. The coating provides protection against leakage problems and hail damage to your camper or caravan roof. The product consists of a durable coating that is applied to the camper or caravan roof as protection.

The coating has a number of unique properties that ensure that your vehicle remains protected forever:

  • Hail resistance: The coating layer is designed to absorb and disperse the impact of hailstones, reducing their damage to the roof. The coating protects the roof against hailstones up to 25 mm in diameter, which fall at a speed of 120 km per hour.
  • Waterproofness: The coating also ensures that no water can seep in through the roof. Often older campers or caravans with moisture problems that are still in good condition are completely moisture-proof again after treatment with this unique coating, making them last for years to come. can and remains moisture-free.
  • Long lifespan: The coating is durable and long lasting. It provides long-lasting protection against various weather conditions, including UV radiation and corrosion. 
  • Ease of maintenance: This unique coating requires minimal maintenance. It is resistant to dirt and other contaminants, saving you time and effort when cleaning your camper or caravan.

How is the hail-resistant and moisture-resistant coating applied?

Applying the unique hail-resistant coating is a process that must be carried out professionally. A specialized company in Lemmer, the Netherlands, applies the coating to the roof surface using advanced techniques and materials, so that the coating adheres optimally and lasts a long time.

After application, the coating must be given sufficient time to dry and harden. Once this process is complete it is done and you can drive through hailstorms without worry.

Our CaravanRepair dealer in Lemmer is the only company in the Netherlands that applies this unique and patented repair method and provides a 4-year warranty on the method.

Advantages of this unique coating are:

  • Protection: your camper or caravan is protected against hail and moisture damage, which can result in significant repair costs. With some camper or caravan roofs, the roofs cannot or hardly be replaced (Hymer).
  • Increased value: A camper or caravan with a hail-resistant roof layer has a higher resale value. In addition, it can also make a difference in the insurance premium.

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