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Repairing a caravan is something that involves quite a bit of work.

Caravan technician training? Follow thorough training as a caravan technician with us. We have our own training center with professional and skilled trainers with many years of experience, who work with a solid and professional high-tech repair system from CaravanRepair Group. All training courses provided are completely practice-oriented, in a training center with modern training facilities. The thorough and practice-oriented caravan technician training takes place in small groups or individually where appropriate. We train technicians in the repair of all types of profiled caravan and camper walls.

Caravan technology is becoming increasingly complex and more complicated, other and newer techniques are increasingly being used, for example in gluing, placing and using other and lighter materials for caravan walls. That is why following a caravan technician course is a wise choice.

Insurers are also increasingly ensuring that damage to caravan walls must be repaired where possible. Repairing caravan or motorhome walls saves money and extends the life of a caravan. There is then no need to install a whole new caravan wall and the risk of leakage is thereby prevented. With a good training caravan technician knows what it takes to carry out a perfect repair. 

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In the CaravanRepair® training center you have come to the right place for professional training.

We train mechanics in the repair of all profiled caravan walls with an extensive training plan that is available to you. The caravan technician training in caravan wall repair is intended for every mechanic who is going to be involved or wants to be involved in caravan or camper wall repair. For the special caravan wall repair (mini-structure) training courses, some years of experience in caravan wall repair are required. In this special training, special techniques and products are used that are specially adapted for this repair. This requires some knowledge and level. 
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