Floor repair

Professional repair of caravan and camper floors.

Floor repair? then there is the CaravanRepair® Group for expert and professional repairs of caravan or camper floors!

Floor repair on caravan or camper.

CaravanRepair® is a leading chain of caravan and camper damage specialists. Our experts are ready to tackle any type of floor repair on your caravan or camper. It is important to note that you are there on time, which can positively influence the cost picture. If you are quick and you notice that the caravan floor is starting to bounce, we can inject the floor with epoxy foam so that a floating caravan floor is a thing of the past and feels like new again and is in perfect condition again. .

Fortunately, the CaravanRepair Group offers an extensive network of specialists in the Netherlands and abroad who can help you repair your caravan or camper floor with craftsmanship and professionalism. With years of experience in caravan and camper repairs, our CaravanRepair® specialists have the necessary expertise and skills to carry out floor repairs.

Floor repair  

A floor repair must be done very carefully. Not every caravan camper company specializes in this, our CaravanRepair specialists have years of experience in caravan and camper repair. 

This not only gives you peace of mind, but also the certainty that your caravan or camper is in the best hands at CaravanRepair®.

construction of a caravan floor

Report caravan or motorhome damage?

If your caravan or motorhome has been damaged, please fill in the online damage form and we will contact you.

CaravanRepair® Group Specialists in floor repairs

Our working method: floor repair 

We have a clear and efficient method to repair damage to your caravan or camper floor.

Diagnosis:  We carefully assess the damage to get a clear picture of the floor repair.

Transparency: We carefully discuss the required work and costs with you in advance. So that you are not disappointed afterwards.

Craftsmanship: Your caravan or camper will be repaired by our certified experts, using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Rely on the expertise of CaravanRepair® specialists in your area to carry out your caravan repairs. CaravanRepair® is the largest chain of caravan specialists in Europe, which carries out caravan and camper repairs quickly and extremely professionally. 

CaravanRepair: Your partner in caravan repair.

Our aim at CaravanRepair is to get you back on the road quickly and worry-free, with a caravan floor that looks like new again. Trust our expertise.

Report your damage immediately?

Report to us quickly and easily online via our damage form. (Click here.) We strive to handle your report as quickly as possible, so that you can quickly get back on the road without any worries.

Looking for a CaravanRepair® repairer near you?

Our damage repairers are active throughout Europe!



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