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CaravanRepair specializes in repairing caravan and camper wall damage.

Whether it concerns a small dent in the caravan wall or a long cheese dent, hail damage, a crack in the caravan side wall. The CaravanRepair specialists repair these damages in a very professional and professional manner.

CaravanRepair is the largest European caravan and camper repair chain.

We would like to get in touch with caravan camper companies that want to specialize in caravan or camper wall repair, or offer it as an extra service in their region. CaravanRepair wants to further expand its network in different regions and countries.

Who are we looking for?

A caravan or motorhome company that wants to specialize in caravan or motorhome damage, in particular in caravan wall repair.

Caravan wall repair is one of the most common caravan damage, almost half of all reported damage is repairable caravan wall damage. The caravanRepair High-tech wall repair system for caravans and motorhomes is a professional repair system Innovative – Professional – and profitable. A revolutionary wall repair system that works super accurately. Thanks to our patented system and thorough training in our own training center, all profiled caravan or motorhome walls can be repaired completely invisibly and we can guarantee a lifetime warranty. If you are able to correctly fill in the CaravanRepair formula in both commercial and operational terms, we are looking for you. Are you interested? please fill in the contact form input further information.

What do we offer our (dealers) entrepreneurs?Caravan with wall damage

  • A solid and professional high-tech repair system.
  • Thorough and practice-oriented training.
  • Training in small groups.
  • Professional and skilled trainers with many years of experience.
  • A comprehensive training plan is at your disposal.
  • CaravanRepair® has its own training center.
  • You are part of a successful CaravanRepair® formula.
  • A comprehensive training plan is at your disposal.
  • Modern training facilities.
  • Official training and certificates.
  • in short something for you?

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