CaravanRepair® Damage repair of caravan or motorhome professionally repaired.

CaravanRepair® Group

CaravanRepair® is a chain of connected caravan and motorhome damage specialists in Europe. For all damages or repairs to caravans and/or campers. (Note, however, we do not carry out repairs to mobile homes or chalets). Damage to your caravan or motorhome always comes at a time when it does not suit you at all, unfortunately that can happen to anyone.
Fortunately, there is the CaravanRepair Group, which is active in many countries, and has a nationwide network in the Netherlands, where specialists can carry out damage to your caravan or motorhome professionally and professionally. We have years of experience in caravan and motorhome repairs. Our CaravanRepair® specialists are well-trained professionals and have many years of experience in caravan repairs of all kinds.
We are happy to take all the extra worries that you already experience with caravan damage out of your hands. We ensure a good and fast settlement with your insurer. Our CaravanRepair® system is recognized by all insurers. A caravan damage is often annoying enough.
Thanks to our sophisticated and patented caravan repair system, we are able to repair all profiled walls of caravans and motorhomes invisibly.
We can repair a small dent, hail damage, tear, moisture damage or a scratched dent in your caravan quickly, professionally and invisibly, and not unimportantly, CaravanRepair® offers a lifetime warranty on all caravan wall repairs carried out by us! *
And…….that gives a safe feeling.

CaravanRepair® Group

Why replace an entire side of a caravan or motorhome, just because it has a small dent? This is absolutely unnecessary and even strongly discouraged. If it concerns minor caravan wall damage such as hail damage, or a small dent, a scratch dent or even a crack in the wall of your caravan, have your caravan repaired! Replacing a caravan side wall is absolutely unnecessary in such cases. In addition, a caravan wall repair provides additional benefits. Thanks to the sophisticated high-tech caravan repair system from CaravanRepair®, a caravan repair is completely invisible. With the great advantage that there is no risk of leakage, because the construction of the caravan is not affected. A good caravan repair that is completely invisible also ensures value retention of your caravan or motorhome. Have your caravan repaired at one of the CaravanRepair® specialists in your area. Click here for information. Caravanrepair® is the largest chain of caravan specialists in Europe to carry out caravan repairs and motorhome repairs quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Our caravan repair method is approved by all insurance companies in the Netherlands and Germany, such as KTI, Kraftfahrzeug Technisches Institut, (owned by about twenty insurance companies) in Germany.

The High-tech repair system and the thorough training with an annual mandatory certification of our mechanics is your GUARANTEE for quality.

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