CaravanRepair is now also active in Poland to repair caravan and camper damage.

Good news for caravan and camper owners in Poland! CaravanRepair, a renovated chain of damage repair shops for caravans and campers, is now also active in Poland. With their extensive expertise and professional service, they are aimed at helping caravan and camper owners repair damage.

Why CaravanRepair Poland?

CaravanRepair understands better than anyone how valuable your caravan or camper is to you. With years of experience in the industry, we have built up extensive knowledge of different types of damage and repair techniques. We work with the most modern equipment and high-quality materials to ensure that your beloved holiday vehicle is in optimal condition again.

CaravanRepair Poland for a professional service

One of the most important aspects of CaravanRepair in our professional service. We understand that every damage is unique and we provide personal service from damage analysis to repairing and finishing the caravan or camper.

Expansion to Poland

With our successful activities in the Netherlands but also further in Europe, CaravanRepair has decided to also become active in Poland. The aim is to offer caravan and camper owners in Poland the same high-quality service as elsewhere.

Poland is a popular destination for caravan tourists, with beautiful nature reserves and picturesque landscapes. Unfortunately, it may be inevitable that damage will occur to your caravan or camper during such a trip. Caravanrepair understands this and wants to ensure that you can rely on professional repair service even during your holiday.

In collaboration with local partners, CaravanRepair has established qualified technicians in Poland who can offer the same expertise and quality as elsewhere in the Netherlands or European branches. This means that caravan and camper owners in Poland can now benefit from the extensive services and craftsmanship of CaravanRepair.

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Report caravan or motorhome damage?

If your caravan or motorhome has been damaged, please fill in the online damage form and we will contact you.

CaravanRepair Poland works with certified specialists.

Caravans and campers are valuable possessions that provide a lot of fun during holidays and camping trips. Unfortunately, accidents or damage can always happen, such as dents, scratches or other damage to the exterior or interior of the caravan or camper. It is important to have such damage or damage repaired quickly to prevent further problems.

CaravanRepair works with certified specialists who are familiar with the latest techniques in the field of damage repair. They will thoroughly inspect the damage and then create a detailed plan to repair it. Whether it concerns small scratches or larger dents, CaravanRepair ensures that your caravan or camper looks like new again.

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