What about Legal?

As a caravan dealer, you undoubtedly have to deal with unpaid invoices from your customers.


What about Legal? For example, customers who do not pay you for repair work on their caravan or motorhome that you have carried out!  

 Unfortunately, it happens more often than desired:

Fortunately, it is regulated by law that your customers must pay for services rendered, but if this does not happen, it is wiser to outsource your claim(s).

 mr. Lucien Ridderbroek from e-Legal debt collection lawyers explains what to think about.

Our advice; First of all send a payment reminder and/or demand in your own name. It is more friendly to do these kinds of letters on your own letterhead than directly on the letterhead of a debt collection lawyer.

After all, it can honestly be the case that a payment has accidentally ended up in the proverbial pile and that people have forgotten to pay.”

But if payment(s) are still not forthcoming after repeated requests, it is still wiser to hand over a claim. Certainly if the feeling prevails that 'something is not right', it is good not to wait too long before taking action.

E-Legal debt collection lawyers are specialized in this matter and have a very high success rate of 93%. When we call a customer, we specifically ask about certain matters. In such a conversation we signal the so-called red flags, often far before a customer sees it for themselves. Thanks to our specialization in debt collection law, we know whether immediate action is needed if we pick up signals of, for example, an impending bankruptcy.”

No cure no pay 

“Our office works on the basis of no cure no pay,” concludes Ridderbroek. This means that we are only paid when the claim has been successfully collected. This keeps us sharp as a team and ensures maximum effort on our part!

Even to court

As soon as you outsource a collection, e-Legal will get to work for you. The advantage of debt collection lawyers is that they can exert much more pressure. In the Netherlands, for example, there is an essential difference between a debt collection lawyer and a debt collection agency: the former can litigate in all cases, have a prejudgment attached and possibly file a bankruptcy petition. A collection agency cannot do this and will mainly help you with the first steps in the process, namely demanding payment out of court. When it becomes more complex or you have a claim of more than 25,000 euros, you almost always need a lawyer to prove your case in court.

Would you like more information about the legal situation? or if you have a case in which a debtor does not pay, you can visit the website of e-Legal collection lawyers, where you can also immediately submit a collection. If you do this on working days before 4 p.m., we will summon your defaulter to pay that same day.

E-Legal debt collection lawyers

If you have any questions about this, please contact info@caravanrepair.eu. Or contact 0321-324425.

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Training Caravan Technician

Follow a caravan technician training at CaravanRepair®

Repairing a caravan is something that involves quite a bit of work.

At CaravanRepair® you have come to the right place for a professional repair of your caravan. It is therefore good to take a look at what we can do for you in this area. But, at CaravanRepair® we offer more than just repairs. You can also follow a caravan technician training course with us. We have a training center where highly experienced trainers are ready to help you become a caravan technician too. We train mechanics in the repair of profiled caravan walls.

Caravan technology is becoming more and more complex and complicated, and other and new techniques are also being used again and again in, for example, gluing and installing other materials for caravan walls.

We also see that insurers increasingly see to it that damage to caravans is repaired. This saves costs and extends the life of a caravan. There is then no need to install a whole new caravan wall and the risk of leakage is prevented. A good caravan technician knows what it takes to carry out a perfect repair. Click here for more information!

In the CaravanRepair® training center you have come to the right place for professional training.

We train mechanics in the repair of profiled caravan walls. The caravan wall repair (basic) course is intended for people who are involved or want to keep up with caravan repairs. Some experience in wall repair is required for the caravan wall repair training (advanced). The caravan wall repair training (ministructure) is intended for people who already have several years of experience in caravan repair. Special products and techniques are used in this training, although this requires some level. take a look here for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Interested? Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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News! With the Caravan on a winter holiday!

News: for you if you go on a winter holiday with a trailer or caravan, winter tires are not mandatory in principle, but they are urgently recommended for safety reasons. So if you go on a winter holiday with the caravan, it is certainly advisable to equip your caravan with the right tires!

News: the countries where you are officially obliged to use winter tires throughout the country are;

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Luxembourg. Driving in these countries without winter tires then you risk high fines. Driving without winter tires and you get involved in an accident? Then in some countries you will be held fully liable with all the consequences that entails. In the French Alps and Italy it is only compulsory in certain zones. The use of winter tires is also mandatory in Germany if there is ice, snow, sleet and black ice. That applies to all wheels, so also yours motorhome and caravan. If you hit the road with summer tires in winter conditions, you risk high fines. It is seen as an obstacle to traffic with dangerous consequences. In addition, your insurance may not cover any damage or liability incurred if you are involved in an accident without winter tires.

Rules, fines and obligations

Sometimes other traffic rules apply abroad than those we know in the Netherlands. News is, for example, that as a driver who wears glasses in Spain, you should always have spare glasses with you? And the amounts for fines are sometimes much higher than in the Netherlands. In Norway you will pay € 1012.89 (10,200 NOK) as a last resort if you press the accelerator too hard, resulting in a criminal case and disqualification from driving. And who in Italy with winter tires driving in the summer period, risks a fine of at least € 500 and a maximum of € 1,900. To avoid unnecessary fines or difficult situations, it is advisable to read up briefly before departure about the major differences in foreign traffic.

Driving in the mountains

As soon as you pass the Dutch border, the landscape quickly changes. Hills provide an adjustment in your driving style. Where in the Netherlands it is best to drive in fifth gear at 80 kilometers per hour, you do not do well in a hilly landscape. You have to tour in the mountains. When you step on the gas, the car should still be able to accelerate. If this is not possible, switch back. Otherwise, the engine will be overloaded and can overheat – especially if the car is at, at or over the maximum payload. For downhill riding, a low gear is the best choice. When you take your foot off the gas, the car should slow down on its own. Continuously applying the brakes is not necessary and this prevents damage to the braking system.

Mandatory tools Europe

News, unlike in the Netherlands, strict requirements apply in most (Southern) European countries for the safety equipment in the car. In addition to a warning triangle, a first-aid kit, safety vests for all occupants, spare lamps, an alcohol test and a fire extinguisher are sometimes required. These tools and other important items that you may need during the car holiday should be kept in an easily accessible place. That is not in that one bag somewhere in the back of the trunk under all those black, large bags. If you rent a car abroad with a registration number of the country itself, sometimes other obligations apply. Always check the applicable requirements with the rental company.

Check tire pressure

Check the tire pressure after fully loading the car: for better road holding and fuel economy, it should be increased when the car is heavily loaded. The slacker the tires, the more fuel is consumed during the journey. But also make sure that the tension is not too high, because that can cause a blowout and less grip on the road. And that's dangerous. The correct tire pressure differs per car. On a sticker in the door frame, sun or fuel valve there is (probably) a sticker that states the correct tire pressure for your car.


Did you know that the rules in Spain for passing cyclists are very different than, for example, in the Netherlands. In Spain, cyclists enjoy extra protection and you may only pass cyclists if there is a minimum distance of one and a half meters between the motorist and the cyclist. It is generally strictly enforced. If you do not comply with this rule, you risk a hefty fine. Also different from the Netherlands, if you plan to transport your bicycle on the bicycle carrier of your car, it must be provided with an extra square sign of 50 centimeters with 4 red and white stripes.

Storing a caravan abroad?

Make sure you have a good and suitable caravan or motorhome insurance that also insures your caravan or motorhome abroad, even if the caravan stays longer than 180 days. For more information, visit the CaravanRepair.eu website. click here for our caravan insurance!

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Motorhome tuning, sense or nonsense?

Camper Tuning. We went to visit one of the better camper (camper) tuners in the Benelux, the Dutch firm Bullpower from Dronten.

Does it make sense Motorhome tuning? and if so what's the use. We try to give you an honest and objective answer to all these questions.

Motor tuning or camper tuning is common and increasingly common. The camper van owner also wants to have more power, but also drive more economically. On the one hand, motorhomes are becoming more and more luxurious and therefore also fuller and heavier. On the other hand, people also want nice, smooth and more economical driving during the holidays. Motorhome tuning could then be a solution. As soon as the first hills appear or the wind rises (against) all momentum is often lost and fuel consumption increases considerably. The construction on a standard chassis is in many cases too large and too heavy for all the extras and accessories on the camper . The weight and often also the large frontal surface of the motorhome construction and the associated high air resistance make it difficult to keep up with the pace of other traffic. Especially if you want to drive quietly and smoothly at a low speed.
A lot has already been written and often, if not too often, about motor tuning in general, yet we have in common to take a closer look at motorhome tuning specifically.
And that was not entirely without success.

What does a specialist do now, who initially does not talk about tuning but about fine tuning. It uses the fine tuning of the ECU, the so-called engine management, also called the control cousin or Electronic Control Unit (ECU) so that your engine is not tuned to an average, but specifically to your wishes and driving behavior. After all, you want to be able to drive pleasantly and smoothly under all circumstances, with pulling power at the right time, flexibility and, not unimportantly, low fuel consumption. This ECU unit keeps track of, among other things, the speed, the temperature of the engine and the intake of outside air, the amount of fuel added and the oxygen content present ect.ect. determine the amount of fuel required and so on. The modern camper van is of course sold in many countries where the composition and quality of the fuel varies. in addition, different countries deal with maintenance intervals, for example. The manufacturer calculates a safety margin for all countries, thereby preventing serious damage to the engine if the quality of fuel, oil, etc. is less than that. The constant striving for more economical engines and the increasingly strict environmental standards with regard to exhaust emissions are forcing the manufacturer to become increasingly economical with the supply, eg fuel. Things like air temperature, atmospheric pressure and average driving behavior also play a role. In a number of countries, the ECU unit is even intervened for tax reasons. The manufacturer then opts for an average balance. In Europe and certainly in Western Europe, the fuels and conditions are good, think of fuel maintenance intervals, etc. This allows the safety margins in these countries to be adjusted without consequences of the lifespan of the engine (fine adjustment). Within these margins there is sufficient room for an optimization of your camper van. The safety margins of the manufacturer are not exceeded with the fine adjustment. With an order from the insurance channel, we set out and test various tuners in the Benelux, for 2 reasons. Firstly, it was to find out whether it could do any harm for insurance reasons and secondly to find out whether it actually makes sense. Of the 28 motorhomes tested, we asked all motorhome owners about their findings and their conclusions. We came to an astonishing result. No results were noticeable or measurable on the test bench with 4 campers tested, but they had paid an average of 600.00 euros. With 8 tested campers, the result was no more than a few horsepower more and virtually no more torque measurable. But the most eye-catching was in 3 tested campers where the owners indicated that the campers had been tuned, but upon checking it soon turned out that this could be true simply because the car did not have an electronic control (which older vehicles) these have therefore never been tuned. She did say that they had received more power, but after checking it turned out that the fuel pump had twisted, which is more power, but also costs significantly more fuel.
But there were also positive results to report. It was convincing, however, that there were 13 tested campers that had only been independently of each other at the same company, so curious as we are and become by all the stories of the camper owners, we went unannounced to the company in the Netherlands. It soon became clear to us who we were dealing with. everything was neatly taken care of and it was soon made clear to us what exactly engine tuning or, as they prefer to say themselves, fine adjustment, also a finely explained adjustment without having your own test bench can never be a good harness / fine adjustment. Look here for more information!

With this article we wanted to demonstrate that the tuning/fine tuning of a motorhome
* Must be a real specialist work.
* B If properly adjusted, following the standards of a GOOD TUNER will not or can have no adverse effect on your camper. A GOOD TUNER writes and makes his own programs and tests them on the test bench.
With one exception, we do not want to withhold from you the address details of this Dutch company. Need more information?

fight 14,
8253 PH Dronten.

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Our specialists know all the secrets for the best caravan and motorhome insurance.

Ask your CaravanRepair Dealer for the best insurance for your caravan or motorhome

With a caravan or motorhome insurance through your CaravanRepair dealer you expect a good premium, good service and in fact as few arrangements as possible. You can expect from our caravan and motorhome insurance that they are comprehensive, and offer you the best cover you want! look here for more information.

5 years new value cover.

If you are the first owner and your caravan or motorhome is not older than 3 years, then the 5-year replacement value cover offers you. Up to and including the fifth year after the purchase of your caravan, the new value of your caravan will be reimbursed in the event of a total loss. After that, in the event of a total loss, you will receive the current value of your caravan + 10%.

3 years Purchase value coverage. Did you buy your caravan second hand? This cover is especially for second-hand caravans or motorhomes. In the event of a total loss, the purchase value will be reimbursed for the first 3 years after the purchase of your caravan. After that, the current value + 10% is reimbursed.

Current value coverage.

If you are the first owner, but your caravan or motorhome is now older than 3 years, you can take out the current market value cover.
In the event of a total loss, at least the current value +10% will be reimbursed.
Directly online your caravan Top Insure!

* No deductible
* Direct Top insured
* 5 years guaranteed new value cover
* 3 years guaranteed purchase value coverage
* 24/7 ANWB emergency center
* Free replacement caravan
* Extra high discount with hail-resistant roof up to 70%
* For Campers, the claim-free years of your car count!

And… Always repair damage at your own dealer!

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