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CaravanRepair Manresa-Spain new service center

CaravanRepair Manresa-Spain for professional caravan damage repair.

Caravan Repair Manresa. Good news for caravan and camper owners! CaravanRepair, the leading group specialized in caravan damage repair, has a service center in the picturesque town of Manresa, Spain. With this expansion, owners of caravans and campers can now also contact Caravanrepair for professional and high-quality damage repair to their caravan or camper.

The opening of this service center in Manresa is a result of the growing demand for reliable and expert caravan and camper maintenance in the region. Caravan owners attach great importance to their vehicles and want to ensure that they are always in top condition.

Why choose CaravanRepair?

CaravanRepair is known for its excellent reputation in the field of caravan and camper damage repair. The experienced professionals have years of expertise in repairing all kinds of damage to caravans and campers. from small dents to annoying storm damage, hail damage, leaks, etc. we don't turn our backs on it.

CaravanRepair Manresa-Spain

Uses advanced techniques and high-quality products to ensure that the repairs are of high quality. the team strives to guarantee high customer friendliness. Report your damage without obligation, click here

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Report caravan or motorhome damage?

If your caravan or motorhome has been damaged, please fill in the online damage form and we will contact you.

CaravanRepair® Group Manresa-Spain

A new support point in Manresa-Spain.

With the base in Manresa, CaravanRepair extends its expertise to a larger area in the Catalonia region. Located in beautiful Spain, the location offers easy access to the caravan and camper owner in the Catalonia region. At Caravan Repair they understand that even minor damage to your caravan or camper during the holiday period can cause a lot of stress. That is why they strive to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently, so that you can get back on the road quickly and continue enjoying your holiday vehicle.

CaravanRepair is for all caravan and camper owners.

CaravanRepair Manresa-Spain is there for every make or model you have. Whether you have minor damage repaired or a complete renovation, the CaravanRepair team is always ready to help you.

Owners of caravans or campers can always benefit from professional and high-quality damage repair, carried out by experienced professionals and full guarantees on their repairs. 

Would you like to report your damage directly and online? Click here for the claim form.

Looking for a CaravanRepair® repairer near you?

Our damage repairers are active throughout Europe!



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