Caravan Damage Poland

CaravanRepair Damage Poland specialists in caravan or camper repairs

Caravan Damage Poland professionals in caravan and camper repairs

Caravan Damage Poland

Caravan Damage Poland is part of the CaravanRepair Group Europe. And we specialize in the repair of caravan and camper damage. Our CaravanRepair damage repair method is a technique to invisibly repair the profiled caravan or camper side walls, but also roofs of caravans and campers. Using the High-tech repair method, a (copy) of the profiled caravan (side) wall is made. the resulting mold is placed over the damaged caravan part, then a product specially developed for this method is injected through the resulting mold. After the special filler has hardened, the caravan or camper wall has regained its original structure. The caravan damage has now been repaired completely invisibly. Do you have damage to a caravan or camper, dents and cracks, scratches or hail damage or perhaps even moisture damage? The specialists at Caravan Caravan Poland will ensure that your caravan or camper is returned to optimal condition. Caravan technology is becoming increasingly complex and complicated, and different and new techniques are being used, for example in gluing caravan walls. We guarantee professional solutions and service where you can expect a full warranty. Report your damage online immediately here

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CaravanRepair Poland belongs to the CaravanRepair® Group

Caravan Damage Poland works with a network of professional and well-trained partners.

Thanks to the sophisticated and patented caravan repair system, Caravan Schade Polen is also able to invisibly repair all profiled caravan / camper walls. Whether it concerns a small dent or a larger dent, hail damage, crack or scratch dent. or even moisture damage in your caravan or camper, it can be repaired quickly and professionally and invisibly. By using perfectly matched products and materials, it is possible to grant a 10-year warranty on every caravanRepair repair carried out by a certified caravanRepair dealer. The CaravanRepair Group is the largest European caravan damage chain of caravan damage repairers in Europe and active in 8 countries. This network only works with professionals who ensure optimal quality and expertise, and provide excellent service and warranty on all their repairs. All dealers are certified annually.

The CaravanRepair Group is active in a large part of Poland

Caravan Damage Poland is part of the CaravanRepair Group, which is now active in 8 countries such as: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. CaravanRepair is the largest damage chain of professional caravan damage adjusters in Europe. The CaravanRepair Group works with a patented repair system that has been specially developed for this purpose and is accepted by all insurance companies. All our caravan specialists follow special CaravanRepair training courses every year and they are all certified. We do this to continue to guarantee our quality in this way. Good training is the best guarantee for quality. Click here for more information!

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