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Ask your CaravanRepair Dealer for the best insurance for your caravan or motorhome

With a caravan or motorhome insurance through your CaravanRepair dealer you expect a good premium, good service and in fact as few arrangements as possible. You can expect from our caravan and motorhome insurance that they are comprehensive, and offer you the best cover you want! look here for more information.

5 years new value cover.

If you are the first owner and your caravan or motorhome is not older than 3 years, then the 5-year replacement value cover offers you. Up to and including the fifth year after the purchase of your caravan, the new value of your caravan will be reimbursed in the event of a total loss. After that, in the event of a total loss, you will receive the current value of your caravan + 10%.

3 years Purchase value coverage. Did you buy your caravan second hand? This cover is especially for second-hand caravans or motorhomes. In the event of a total loss, the purchase value will be reimbursed for the first 3 years after the purchase of your caravan. After that, the current value + 10% is reimbursed.

Current value coverage.

If you are the first owner, but your caravan or motorhome is now older than 3 years, you can take out the current market value cover.
In the event of a total loss, at least the current value +10% will be reimbursed.
Directly online your caravan Top Insure!

* No deductible
* Direct Top insured
* 5 years guaranteed new value cover
* 3 years guaranteed purchase value coverage
* 24/7 ANWB emergency center
* Free replacement caravan
* Extra high discount with hail-resistant roof up to 70%
* For Campers, the claim-free years of your car count!

And… Always repair damage at your own dealer!

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