Inject/repair caravan floor

Injecting a caravan floor? Do you have a caravan floor that has sagged, or a springy caravan or camper floor?
Then it is high time to have the caravan or camper floor injected. If you allow the problem to persist for too long and do nothing about it, the chance of a cost-reducing floor injection becomes increasingly difficult or even impossible and the floor will eventually have to be replaced, or at least part of it. This is a major repair and the longer you wait it becomes more and more expensive.

Injecting caravan floor.

A caravan floor consists of different parts of material, a sandwich plate, a top layer with an insulation layer of PUR or EPS foam in between and a bottom plate underneath. This whole is glued together to form a sturdy caravan or camper floor. Over time, the layers can separate from each other. The floor then sags locally, this often happens at the entrance and on the side of the counter, but can also occur in places where there is a lot of walking or standing in the interior. You will then notice that irregularities and subsidence appear in the caravan or camper floor. The floor then 'springs': and in various places it seems as if the floor is collapsing, then it is high time to inject the caravan floor. In addition, it can occur in caravans or campers due to moisture, often due to an old leak or age of the caravan.

Once the caravan or camper floor has been properly injected, the floor will be as new again after repair.

Then be there in time and have the caravan or camper floor injected.

In this way, the caravan or camper floor will look like new again: and you will have a sturdy and strong floor that you can enjoy for years to come.
You can request advice and/or a cost estimate from us for this work without any obligation.

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