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CaravanRepair® Damage repair of caravan or camper professionally repaired.

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CaravanRepair® is a leading chain of caravan and camper damage specialists spread across Europe. Our experts are ready to tackle any form of damage or repair to your caravan or camper. It is important to note that we do not carry out repairs to mobile homes or chalets. We understand that damage to your caravan or camper always seems to happen at inopportune times, but it can happen to anyone.

Fortunately, the CaravanRepair Group offers an extensive network of specialists in the Netherlands, who can repair your caravan or camper damage with craftsmanship and professionalism. With years of experience in caravan and camper repairs, our CaravanRepair® specialists have the necessary expertise and skills to carry out all kinds of repairs.

We understand that caravan owners already have enough to worry about when they experience damage. That is why we are happy to take over the additional burden from you by arranging a smooth settlement with your insurer. Our CaravanRepair® system is recognized by all insurers, so you don't have to worry about that. We understand that caravan damage is annoying enough.

Thanks to our advanced and patented caravan repair system, we can invisibly repair all profiled walls of caravans and campers. Whether it concerns a small dent, hail damage, a crack, moisture damage or a scratch dent, we can repair it quickly, professionally and invisibly. And most importantly, CaravanRepair® offers a lifetime warranty on all our caravan wall repairs!

This not only gives you peace of mind, but also the certainty that your caravan or camper is in the best hands at CaravanRepair®.

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CaravanRepair® Group

Why would you replace the entire side wall of your caravan or camper if there is only a small dent in it? This is not only unnecessary, but highly inadvisable. For minor damage to caravan walls, such as hail damage, small dents, scratches or even cracks, caravan repair is the best choice. Replacing the entire sidewall is absolutely unnecessary in such situations.

In addition, caravan wall repair offers additional benefits. Thanks to CaravanRepair®'s advanced high-tech caravan repair system, the repair is carried out completely invisibly. This keeps the construction of the caravan intact, without any risk of leakage. An invisible caravan repair also contributes to the retention of value of your caravan or camper.

Rely on the expertise of CaravanRepair® specialists in your area to carry out your caravan repairs. CaravanRepair® is the largest chain of caravan specialists in Europe, which carries out caravan and camper repairs quickly and extremely professionally. Our caravan repair method has been approved by all insurance companies in the Netherlands and Germany, including KTI, Kraftfahrzeug Technisches Institut, which is owned by twenty insurance companies in Germany.

With our advanced repair system and thorough training, including annual certification of our technicians, we offer you the guarantee of quality.

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