Caravan repair training

Caravan repair training
Caravan repair is a common phenomenon. A good caravan repair training is then a must. Caravan damage is a very common thing, which requires a lot of knowledge in addition to a lot of knowledge. Caravan technology is becoming more and more complex and complicated due to the constant development and application of new techniques. Take a look, for example, after gluing the walls, that happens very differently today than a few years ago, in addition, new materials are also used again and again, eg thinner caravan walls to achieve weight savings. For that reason alone, proper training is necessary. Click here for more info!
Training for Caravan repair
We train mechanics in the caravan repair of profiled caravan and motorhome walls. The courses contain different stages from a novice caravan mechanic to the most advanced caravan wall repairer. During the training we use the most advanced repair method. The CaravanRepair repair method has been specially developed to repair caravan repairs professionally and invisibly. The High-tech repair system, which is a revolutionary caravan wall repair system, has been specially developed to invisibly repair caravan wall damage. Click here for more information!

Caravan repair training is a must.
The basis for a good caravan repair is a good and professional caravan repair training. A well-trained technician is the business card for the company. CaravanRepair has developed its own training concept to invisibly repair damage to profiled caravan and motorhome walls. In our own training center we teach you everything about how we work. We also see more and more insurers who want a profiled caravan or motorhome wall to be repaired instead of replacing an entire side wall, not to mention whether it is wise with the new bonding techniques to replace the wall in the event of a dent or long scratch. Click here for more information.

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